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I had an excellent time this past weekend at Dragon’s Mist’s Carnevale event.  I was in charge of the kitchen, for the first time in ages, and I had a great time.  We cooked lots of food, much of it was eaten, and people seemed to enjoy themselves.  I mostly saw the inside of the […]

This weekend at an event I entered an “Iron Chef” style cooking competition, and had a great time doing it.  The format for this particular contest was that we could only use 15 “period” ingredients (plus oil, salt, water, and the “secret” ingredient).  There were three courses, an appetizer (45 minutes), a main dish (60 […]



This weekend my friend Eulalia and I are going to try “Viking trekking”, or backpacking in the wilderness using only (or at least mostly) Viking appropriate gear.  I’ve been making some oilcloth for shelter, gathering wool blankets, fixing up my Viking shoes, etc.  I’ve also been prepping the food I’m going to take with me.  […]

One down

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Last night I tried my rendition of Ålandskt svartbröd without the modern ingredients.  The result came out looking like this I used Peter Reinhart’s method for whole grain breads, so I made a separate starter and soaker on Tuesday evening.  The soaker was whole grain wheat flour, salt, and filmjolk.  The starter was rye flour, […]

Malt syrup?

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Vikings. Barley malt syrup as a sweetener. Discuss.