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This weekend at Grand Thing I’m teaching a class on this subject, so I thought I’d jot down my notes here first… There are lots of Viking-possible foods that will survive a weekend without refrigeration.  They possibilities really break down into two groups depending on whether or not you are willing to do any cooking, […]

Trekking fail!

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OK, fail is maybe too strong.  We had a nice hike, and discovered that our gear worked pretty well.  3 1/2 miles isn’t too far to hike in Viking shoes, and the bed roll wasn’t too heavy.  Only then there were the mosquitoes.  Mid August should have been too late for that many, but it’s […]



Another new project for the coming year is a plan for “Viking trekking”.  Eulalia and I are talking earnestly about trying a trek (aka hiking/camping) using only Viking (or in her case Celtic) appropriate gear and methods.  We’re shooting for some time in August, since the fishing may be OK, the huckleberries should be ripe, […]