I’ve been doing Viking Age recreation for the past 15+ years, plus I really like to cook (and eat).  That’s led me to spend a great deal of time wondering about what the Vikings would have eaten, how they cooked it, how they preserved their food, grew it, caught it, and how they approached food in their daily lives.  Over those years, I’ve gone from a slight penchant for pickled herring to cooking almost all my food at recreation events in pottery vessels over the fire, baking bread on pans over the coals, making cheese and preserved vegetables, and more recently trying to recreate the kinds of beverages the Vikings would have had access to.

In just the last few years, the level of science and scholarship around Viking food and culture has really blossomed, providing a whole host of new idea and things to try.  This blog is the place I will be recording information on sources, techniques, theories, experiments, and whatever else comes up.

For those who are in or interested in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) I participate heavily in Society activities in my native An Tir, where I’m officially known as Meistari Refr orðlokkar Fiachson.