This past weekend we were at an event up near Spokane (Iron & Ink) on a site that the local folk have been able to make improvements to.  Their latest addition is a new outdoor hearth for period cooking, and the finished it the afternoon before we got there.  We spent pretty much all day Saturday cooking on it, and it was fabulous.



It was just the right height for cooking, and big enough that we could cook 4-5 things at the same time and still have room for a separate fire just to heat up new coals. 

Svava made a couple batches of simple cheese, one of which we used for Roman “globi” (fried balls of cheese and spelt flour covered with honey and poppy seeds), and the other for a Roman salad with cheese and fresh herbs.  The picture above is of a brined pig’s tongue and brined pig heart roasting on spits.  I also stewed a second tongue with onions, fava beans, and sugar snap peas.  Breakfast was Scottish oatmeal cooked over the fire and served with sour cream and kippered herring (they all scoffed, but it was delicious).  For the potluck, I made a dish of bacon, chicken, radish greens, kale, pea shoots, and “sea beans” (a salt marsh plant I’ve been getting in the CSA box), with some sour cream to finish.

We pretty much spent the entire day cooking stuff and getting people to eat it.  It was great.  It was such a relaxing time, and we got to do what we like best.  The potluck was a ton of fun, and now I know what cougar tastes like (it was delicious). 

While it’s a very long way from home, the last two Iron & Inks have been great, and I think we’ll be going back again next year.