It’s been a while, I see…  As the summer camping season moves along, I’ve been doing a little cooking, although not as much as in years past. 

Last weekend at Honey War I tried making some ollebrod, a porridge made by boiling bread in beer.  I used some commercial rye bread and Pyramid Hefeweissen.  The bread was good (although not Viking, barley bread would have been better) but the beer was a little too bitter still.  Nonetheless, with a little honey and rapsberries it made a nice breakfast, and it was super easy.  I’d like to try this again with Viking style hard tack (barley/oat/pea) and a small beer (brauð?) which I think would be a little more sour and not bitter.  Lunch was a picnic of bread, pickled herring, cheese (some goat gouda), hard boiled eggs, sauerkraut, fresh greens (baby arugula), and some dried sausage.  It was just my daughter and I for the weekend, so it was pretty casual, but I think we both found it a good lunch.  I didn’t end up cooking the dinner I’d brought since it turned out there was a feast, but I cooked it Monday night for dinner at home. Smile  Bacon, spring onion, mushrooms, fava beans (dried), mustard seed, and baby arugula.  Pretty tasty.  Sunday’s breakfast at the war was skyr with honey and blueberries.  Simple, fast, and filling.

I’ve been doing a little fermentation, although not much specifically Viking.  I’ve been experimenting with some Asian brewing using Chinese yeast balls (interesting), and made a batch of corn beer that went bad before I really got the try it.  Veggie-wise I made some (arguably Viking) sauerkraut of cabbage and carrots a while back, and some Sichaun pickled radishes (super good). 

I’m hoping to try some new stuff in a few weeks at An Tir / West War, and I’ll report back…