Right now I’m planning on trying some new bread and dairy projects.  Last year I tried making some Ålandskt svartbröd, and just recently I found a reference to it having been described as sour “in the old days” as opposed to the sweet bread that is made today.  The modern version uses molasses and treacle, as well as malt.  I want to try it with a rye sourdough culture and malt syrup and see how it comes out. 

The same article also described a style of cheese made in Aland, pressed in a wooden frame, dried, and then aged in bins of smoked rye berries.  It also described juniper branches or juniper water being used to scrub mold off of the cheeses as they aged.  I want to try pressing the cheese, then brining it in a Juniper brine, then using the rye after it dries out.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to find smoked rye, so I may have to smoke some myself. 

I also read up on several different ways of making gomme, which involves curdling milk then cooking the curds in their whey until it caramelizes, sometimes adding fresh milk and eggs afterwards.  It takes a really long time, but might be fun to do over the fire at an event when we have plenty of time to spare. Smile 

Less immediate plans include sausages (maybe some cured) and more cheeses.  I’d also like to try mashing (for brewing) using hot rocks, but I’ll have to find the right vessel and a friendly site that will let me try it.