So we went to a Viking party (like ya’ do) on Saturday, and to get ready I made some food.  I started out with some bread.  I got a grain mill for Christmas this year (thanks honey!) so I ground some hulless barley to start with.  The first batch of bread was barley and oat flour (about 6:1), salt, and enough buttermilk to make it all come together.  I rolled them into patties about the size and shape of veggie burgers and baked them until they were browned.  The other batch was barley flour, salt, some rye sourdough starter, and goat milk to make a stiff dough.  I rolled it out quite thin and cut it into strips, then baked until crisp. 

Next up was some “Viking hummus” that was composed of green pea flour, goat milk, dried dill weed, dry mustard powder, grated horseradish, salt, and some hazelnut oil.  It comes out about the same consistency as hummus, and is good on the crackers.

I also pickled some turnips.  Had I planned this ahead, they would have been lactic acid fermented.  Since I didn’t, I used water, salt and vinegar, mustard seeds, juniper berries, and added a quartered beet for color.  They came out pretty well, and now I’d like to try them the “real” way. 

Along the way I made some skyr too.  I started with a gallon of non-fat milk, heated it to 185°, then let it cool back down to 105°.  Then I stirred in a cup of Siggi’s commercial skyr for culture, and two Junket rennet tablets.  I was pressed for time, so I only let it sit for 3-4 hours before straining it, so it didn’t come out as sour as I usually like.  I drained it in muslin hanging from my microwave for another couple of hours until it was well set. 

I took a little bit of the skyr and mixed in some roasted beets, and left the rest plain to go with the bread. 

There was a lot of awesome food at the party, including smoked salmon, pickled beets, pickled herring, more flat bread, etc.  It was most excellent.