I didn’t do too much that was specifically “Viking” this weekend, but I did spend a large part of the weekend (our September Crown Tournament) cooking in the arts & sciences demonstration area. We started off slow on Saturday morning with some bacon wrapped around pitted dates, strung on a skewer and roasted over the coals until the bacon is done. Documentable? I have no idea. Delicious? Very much so.

The next project I did have documentation for. I made a Trayne Roste.  It was totally fun to do, and a great conversation piece.  Lots of people came over to ask questions during the process, and it kept me busy for the whole middle of the day.  The result was also delicious.  I ended up making two batches of the batter, the first runny and the second much thicker (mainly because I was running out of wine).  The thicker batter worked much better.  I think if I’d had a brush, the thinner batter would have worked well, but as I only had a spoon, drizzling on the thinner batter resulted in a lot of it ended up in the fire.  Given both the batter and the layout of my fire pit, I found I also needed to keep the fire really hot.  The thicker batter adhered pretty well, and was easier to work with overall, although it went on thicker and took longer to cook.

For dinner I made some arguably Viking barley pilaf, that was just smoked pork, barley, leeks and water.  It didn’t cook long enough before it was time for dinner, so it was a little chewy, but the flavor was quite good.

Sunday morning our friend Katrine made both waffles and wafers over the fire, using the same batter from a recipe she translated from a 16th C German cookbook.  It involved ground almonds, flour made from lebkuchen, and was generally made of fabulous.  Both the waffle and wafer iron performed well over the fire, and the results were very tasty.  The wafers rolled around dates was particularly popular.  My son made a taco out of one of the wafers, some dates, and a piece of smoked pork loin which he declared delicious but the crowd was generally skeptical about. 🙂  Sunday dinner was stew of smoked pork (do you sense a theme here?  I smoked 8 lbs worth of pork loin last Thursday…) with plums and leeks.  I had meant to thicken it with some barley bread, but it went clean out of my head, so the result was soup rather than stewy, but delicious nonetheless.