I’m back from the weekend at West – An Tir War, and have to say that the food really worked out well.  Because I was camped with some of the best cooks from both Kingdoms, I ended up eating lots of stuff besides the Viking food I brought with me, so I’m still not sure if I’d be sick of bread by the end of a weekend.  I tend to think not though.  I had 2-3 meals that were composed of hard tack, black bread, pickles (cabbage, carrots, eggs, onions, sausages) and a little fish.

Friday morning Eulalia and I had our cultural exchange fish breakfast, which ended up meaning two kinds of porridge and two kinds of fish.  I made “beer bread” with some sour rye hard tack and the small sahti I made.  I broke up the bread and boiled it in sahti until it was mostly porridge like.  Two things I might do differently… 1) soak the bread overnight before trying to cook it.  Because the bread was dried fairly hard, I had a difficult time getting it to break up and the final result was quite lumpy. 2) use less sour bread.  The particular batch of bread I used I had soured over night, and it was really sour.  It wasn’t unpleasant, particularly with just a bit of honey added, but it was much more sour than I was expecting, and nobody else went for it.  I had a jar of pickled herring to go with the porridge.  Eulalia made buckwheat porridge and had some hard smoked salmon to go with.  All in all it made a nice breakfast.

Saturday morning I made porridge with stone ground oats, then cut it with skyr and added some dried cherries and blueberries.  It was very filling, and tasty to boot.

Friday night was fish night, so I got some really fresh smoked black cod from the fish market in town, and cooked it with fresh fava beans, fresh dill, a leek, and some heavy cream.

Saturday night was 16th C themed, so I didn’t make any Viking food that night.  Sunday I fried up some chopped bacon until it was crisp, then added some spring onions and 8 or so plums, about half and half red and black ones.  The result was very popular.  It was very tart, and went well with the pork roast that someone else made.

West War 099

I also made several batches of sourdough rye bread which we baked in a ceramic cloche.  They tended to burn, but the texture came out pretty well.

West War 103

West War 047

It was a great weekend, with lots of experimentation and fine food, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s War. 🙂

*Thanks to Janet for the pictures!