I started prepping food for the event next weekend on Tuesday or so, and it’s coming along nicely.  I’ve made some extra piima, have several bags of hard tack, the eggs are pickling, etc.  I made about two quarts worth of sauerkraut, with some fresh dill, spring onions, cabbage and kale, and a little dulse (red seaweed) ‘cause I had some.  It’s starting to smell pretty good, and will probably transition to the fridge tomorrow. 

I’ve been experimenting with different recipes for the hard tack, so this week I tried making some with skyr.  I started with a container of Siggi’s commercial skyr, and stirred in salt, barley and rye flour until I liked the consistency, then pressed out the rounds.  I’ve been making them pretty thin because I want them to dry out hard.  For the sake of heavy production I’ve started using my food dehydrator.  I had been cooking them in a slow oven, but the dehydrator is less work and higher volume.  I think if you were cooking these thin breads on a soapstone hearth the effect would be much the same, it would just take a lot longer. 

I also started a batch of Ålandskt svartbröd, or “dark bread from Åland” according to this description.  Obviously the molasses and brown sugar aren’t Viking, but the malt certainly could be, and the technique certainly lines up well, including the shape of the breads.  I’ll end up doing them in the oven as per the recipe, but I bet they’d work well on a hearth or griddle if managed properly. 

Still on the docket for this weekend: brewing, baking the svartbrod, maybe boiling some more eggs, pickling some more veggies.