I’m starting to think about what food/equipment I’m going to bring to the War in a couple of weeks.  I’m going to bring all (as far as possible) Viking-possible food, and see how it works out for a long weekend.

One thing I’m definitely planning for is fish for breakfast.  I’m a great believer in eating sea creatures first thing in the morning.  Kippers, pickled herring, gravlax, lox, smoked salmon or trout… All such a treat in the AM.  However, one of the people we camp with pretty regularly is a fish-o-phobe, so we try to keep it down for her sake.  She’s not coming to the War, though, so my friend Eulalia suggested we stage a cultural exchange fish breakfast one morning.  She does 13th C English recreation, which should be a little different from Viking-style fish breakfast.

I’m thinking of making some “beer bread” porridge for breakfast, which should go well with fish.  I’ve started making some barley/rye hard tack and drying it out for the trip, and I’ll simmer that in beer until it’s porridge-like.  I’m thinking it’ll go nicely with some smoked herring if I can find some that’s decent.  It’s hard to find hard smoked herring around here (sadly), but kippers will do in a pinch if I can get a good brand.  The nice hard smoked German ones are my favorite, but my local source for those dried up recently, and the grocery store ones are a little squishy for my taste.  We’ll see what I can turn up.  Pickled herring will do in a pinch. 🙂

Other foods I’m considering bringing:

  • cheese (something simple, plus maybe some gjetost.  It’s not Viking, but I do love it so)
  • boiled eggs
  • sauerkraut
  • hard tack
  • fresh bread (more on this later)
  • more fish, probably smoked salmon and/or trout, and certainly plenty of herring.  Salt cod for cooking (stockfish would be better, but I can’t get any here)
  • small beer
  • piima
  • grain (barley, stone ground oats)
  • root vegetables (carrots, maybe some turnips, parsnips?)
  • lactic-fermented carrots/turnips/whatever if I get a chance to make some
  • dried fruit (cherries/berries)


  • pickled eggs
  • pickled sausages
  • split peas
  • skyr
  • smoked pork/bacon