I had some stuff to use up last night, so I decided to try a new Viking possible soup.  I got some green garlic (garlic shoots), and boiled then in water until they started to soften, and added a box of salt cod that I’d thawed and soaked since the day before. 

To that I added about 2 cups worth of fresh fava beans, blanched and skins removed, plus about a cup of half & half and a 1/4 cup or so of heavy cream, and a bunch of fresh spinach.  Once everything looked well cooked, I added a bunch of the hard tack I made for my class, broken into pieces about the size of the fava beans. 

Compromises: the Vikings would have had stockfish, not salt cod.  Unfortunately, stockfish is nearly impossible to come by, at least in Portland, OR.  Salt cod has become increasingly east to get lately, and it’s comparatively easy to work with.  I don’t have any direct evidence for spinach in a Viking context, but they certainly had lots of other similar greens such as nettles, fat hen, etc. 

Next time: I’d soak the hard tack in water first.  I was worried about the vegetables getting mushy, so I didn’t cook the hard tack in the soup very long, and it was still a bit chewy in the soup, which tasted fine but made for a strange texture.  It did add a nice heft to the soup though, and you won’t go hungry on this stuff.  I’d like to try this with the addition of soured milk, like piima or buttermilk, but I was afraid it would curdle and put off the family. :)