One of my recent favorites, that I learned from Jorunn when she entered it in our Kingdom Arts & Sciences competition a few years back…

Simmer leeks and dried fish in cream with a little salt (very little if the fish is salty).  She used smoked black cod, which I’ve done as well.  It’s expensive, but it’s very tasty.  I’ve also tried smoked trout with great success.  Along with the trout I also added some fresh watercress, which adds a nice peppery edge. 

Serve it over some kind of starch.  Jorunn made a barley pilaf with carrots and onions, I think, and I’ve done the same.  It would be good with oats, or just with some flatbread too.

I’ve done this both times over the fire, in pottery vessels, one for the fish and the other for the barley.  The fish cooks very easily.  The barley is easy, but be prepared for it to take a long time, and you have to stir it frequently as it cooks so it doesn’t stick if you fire is hot.

pots on the fire

That’s the fish in the upper left and the barley pilaf at the bottom.  I don’t remember what was in the later period vessel on the upper right.