OK, it’s totally not Viking food, but this weekend at Faire in the Grove we decided to focus on two things:  waffles and funnel cakes from 16th C. German recipes.  Katrine has been working on translating a number of such recipes from a selection of period manuscripts, and it was time to put theory into practice.  Katrine and I both got cast iron waffle irons for use over the fire (that look very much like the ones in the period woodcuts) and tried out this recipe for waffles.  They were very easy to make, and the over-the-fire waffle iron worked out really really well.  They didn’t stick at all, cooked up very nicely, and were a bit hit with the peeps and the public. 

IMGP1642 IMGP1677 IMGP1643

We’ll definitely be making these again.  Simple, filling breakfast from a period recipe.

We also tried a selection of funnel cake recipes, also from the 16th C German sources.  There’s definitely some work to be done on the funnel technique.  I made two batches, one from egg yolks, cream, flour and white wine (with some saffron), and another from parsley, bread crumbs, eggs and flour.  They didn’t stay together very well, although much better in a shallow pan than they did in  the new potjie pot.  BTW, we started the whole process by hacking up 15 or so pounds of leaf lard and rendering it for it’s delicious fat, then used the same for the frying.  Katrine also made a batch of her gefulte oblaten (spice cookies stuffed with marzipan and apricot jam, then battered and fried) which were even more awesome than the last time she made them.  Luckily, she cut them into small pieces so nobody got hurt. 🙂