# Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I realize that this is rather stream-of-consciousness, but the rhubarb got me thinking about stuffed dates. 

These are possibly the most decadent dessert product I can think of, or at least that I eat semi-regularly :-)

Mix together

  • Some mascarpone cheese (I’ve tried this with whipped cream, but the mascarpone is WAY better)
  • Sweetener of your choice (I use honey or agave nectar, powdered sugar also works)
  • True cinnamon, although regular grocery store cinnamon (which is really cassia) can be used, but doesn’t have the same floral quality
  • A touch of either rose water or orange flower water.  I’ve used both, and tend to prefer the rose, but some people don’t like it


Now get some fresh (NOT DRIED) dates, split them down the long axis, take out the pit, and fill the resulting cavity with the filling.  Especially if the dates are really fresh, these will just melt in your mouth (and go straight to your backside).  The best dates I’ve ever had were labeled as “Black Sphinx” dates, and they were truly sublime, like little bags of date flavored jelly, but since I’ve only ever seen them in stores twice, I usually go for medjools instead.  You can use dried dates, but it really won’t be as good.

I’ve also seen some recipes for dates stuffed with almond paste but I haven’t tried those.

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