# Friday, February 06, 2004

I’ve mentioned in several of my previous posts that I favor organic ingredients, and I felt it was time for the full-on rant.

<rant>BUY ORGANIC!  Do yourself, your family and your planet a favor and buy organically grown produce.  It’s gotten popular enough now that it doesn’t really cost all that much more than conventional, and in my experience it’s often better and fresher, which means you’re more likely to actually eat it before it rots, making it less expensive (since if it rots you get 0 benefit).  It’s better for you.  Some studies have shown better vitamin content than conventional produce (I can’t vouch for how scientific those studies are, so consider that bit hearsay).  They obviously have way less pesticides and chemicals, which aren’t good for you, your kids, or your local watershed.  Organics are getting easier to find.  My local Costco has started stocking a number of organic products, like peanut butter, oatmeal, and others.  Don’t judge organic produce by the crap they sell at Safeway.  They go out of their way to buy crummy looking organics so you’ll buy the (much cheaper and higher margin) conventional produce.  Go find a store that cares about organic food.  We can’t afford to keep intrusting our food supply and the health of the environment to agrobusiness, which have demonstrated their lack of concern for anything except profits.  And while you’re at it, support your local organic farmers and farmer’s markets.  Find out where there’s one near you, and start going.  May small organic (and conventional) farms offer subscriptions, where you pay a fixed price each month for a share of their crops.  They get to support their family farm, and you get good healthy, locally grown food to eat.</rant>

OK, I’m finished now.  Back to your regularly scheduled food related stuff.  I just had to get that out of my system.

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