# Tuesday, December 04, 2007
I love leftovers.  There are an infinite range of possibilities for reusing stuff.  I surveyed the fridge last night, and decided to kill two leftover birds with one stone.  I took the last of the kahlua pork and some leftover greens cooked in coconut milk and used them to stuff enchiladas.  I drained the greens, and filled each enchilada with some pork and greens, rolled them up, and topped them with some Tex-Mex style red chile gravy.  Basically instead of the New Mexico style red chile and water enchilada sauce, this is more like standard gravy (begun with a roux and everything) with lots of red chile, cumin and garlic.  To top it off I (or rather the 9 year old) grated a bit of Tillamook extra-vintage white cheddar, which proved just the thing.  30 minutes at 350° and all was good.  They were a bit hit, and I'll definitely be playing with the chile gravy some more.  It would be just the thing for a good CFS.

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