# Monday, April 24, 2006

I had some time to kill Sunday morning, so decided to try something new for breakfast.  I tried my hand at dhokla, a steamed bread-product native to Gujarat (I think).  You make a thick batter of besan (garbanzo bean flour) and spices, then steam it in a cake pan.  It comes out (at least texture wise) like a really big idli.  I really liked the flavor and texture of it, and it went very nicely with the pepper rasam I made to go with it.  Rasams are, I think, my favorite Indian soups, very brothy and usually pretty sour.  Very pleasing. 

It took me a while to find something big enough to steam the dhokla in, but I finally settled on my (very big) pressure cooker, and just left the weight off the steam vent.  Worked pretty well.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any documentary pictures.  Maybe next time…

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