# Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Just a few more days until this year's Cast Iron Chef competition.  The secret ingredient has been finalized (still not telling) and we're hoping to get a good turnout.  It looks like the weather might even be nice :-).

In years past I've been really impressed at how creative people can be.  The first year we did onions as the ingredient, and we got some truly amazing food, including onion desserts.  One team even went so far as to dye their table clothes with the onion skins prior to judging.  Last year it was prunes, and again, we got some amazing entries.  Everything from game hens stuffed with prunes, to some North African food, to a pie decorated yellow and white checky with a lion's head rendered in prunes (the An Tir device).  I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with this year.  I'll post some of the examples next week.

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