# Tuesday, March 09, 2004

OK, "riblet" is a pretty bizarre word, but the meatless ones from Gardenburger are really good.  I've seen them around for a while, and finally took the plunge last night.  Not only were they really tasty, but very easy to work with.  They come in little bags, which you can microwave or boil (I boiled).  There were also cooking instructions for grilling them, but I'd be concerned about them drying out. 

Anyway, they're great.  Very nice texture, reasonably like ribs (only there's no mad soy disease) and the BBQ sauce they come packed in was very flavorful. 

Even my (extremely) picky, sauce-phobic 5 year old daughter loved them, which is saying quite a bit.  We threw them in sandwiches with some cheese, lettuce and pickles. 

Way less work then actual ribs, and by far superior to things like McRibs. 

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