# Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I’m going to post a bunch more on this particular topic over the next month or so.  I’m teaching a class on Viking cooking in late April, and I’ll be organizing my thoughts and opinions as I write the class, which should result in some interesting stuff.  Watch this space. 

As just a quick note, though, basically my thoughts about Viking cooking run like this:

  • The Vikings didn’t use recipes
    • So we aren’t going to find any
  • We know what ingredients they ate from the archeological record
  • We know what tools they used for cooking from same
  • We have some idea about their tastes from contemporary literature (know your sagas!)
  • We know what modern Scandinavian food is like
  • Given the above, we can recreate Viking food with a fair amount of confidence
  • The foremost barrier to recreating Viking food is that many modern people think it sounds gross
    • I happen to like oatmeal and onions, but many don’t :-)


More on this topic hopefully soon.

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